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At BeCompassionateNL Inc. our mission is to choose to cultivate compassion, awareness, connection, democracy, gentleness, and kindness for  ourselves,  for  those we love, and others, even those we find difficult.Whilst staying safe, within our personal limits of knowledge and skill, we choose to be allies to all, facing  danger, fear and rejection because of ability, age, appearance, culture, education, ethnicity, gender, financial challenges, homelessness, language, natural disaster, race, religion, politics or poverty.  We  support vaccination  and wish to counter the spread of misinformation and disinformation related to physical, psychological and spiritual health and wellbeing.  We choose to avoid  causing wanton hurt  and  harm to animals, amphibians,  birds, fish, plants, trees and our beautiful living planet.   We welcome, all  who work  in  defence, farming, fishing, forestry, the fossil fuel industries and mining  and who are  interested  to sign  the BeCompassionateNL pledge, when they are wiling to retrain and to  work to reverse the unforeseen adverse effects of the industries, they are currently trained to work in. We seek to encourage healthy, respectful discussion on how to improve our collective quality of life; reverse our  current high levels of chemical and plastic pollution, loss of biodiversity, climate emergencies and massive inequality. We chose compassion, kindness  and  all the arts, especially comedy as our first topic. We  love to to laugh at ourselves and our many  human flaws and imperfections and to have fun .

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